Marley Rizzuti

photographe ı new york city


Can you present yourself in a few words?

Fun loving, hard working Brooklyn girl.

What was your inspiration for the shoot?

New York City! I wanted to show an iconic, classic vision of New York.
From radio city, the Chrysler building, New York public library to the subway.
Growing up and living in New York, it’s easy to take these amazing locations around me for granted.
I wanted to take a step back and think of what New York looks like for someone who doesn’t live here.
What would someone want to see when they arrived in New York for the first time?
What does one think of when they imagine this amazing city?
New York is always a source of inspiration for me.

What is the best soundtrack to listen to while in New York?

New york is all about hip hop, jay z, biggie, nas, but the strokes feels very new yorky to me too.

What are the best movies or tv shows that show New York?

Girls, broad city

Your guilty pleasure :

Internet shopping

Your hidden talent :

I’m an okay cook

Your daily source of inspiration :


Your last listened song :

Do you wanna funk by Sylvester

Your spirit animal :

My dog Wiley

Your favorite meal :

Chicken fingers and french fries

Your most used hashtag :


Filter / no filter :


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photographer : Marley Rizuzuti
instagram @marleyrizzuti

stylisme : Connie Berg
instagram @connie_berg

makeup : Rika Shimada
instagram @rikashimada

hair : Ayae Yamamoto