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Laura is a 26 year old photographer originally from New Zealand, and now based in East London.
She takes inspiration from every day events and situations and the characters that surround her.
She shoots mostly film - of bands, friends and fashion.

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To present myself, I'd say I'm a Virgo on the cusp of Leo.

Real life movie

My advice for young girls : don't try to conform to
fit in, you'll find the best people you meet never did. Wear weird stuff, dress like a character in a film.

“ create your own storyline everyday
of your life. ”

Girls Rule

Any woman who stands up for herself and for those around her,
who isn't afraid to speak out for her own rightsor for those around who don't have a voice inspire me.

International Girl Gang

“ Being a woman today is like being
part of this really cool international
gang of awesome people who support each other ”

and celebrate each others successes, and love each other unconditionally, and empathise with the smallest grievances,
and get really excited to tell you about the cool new thing they found yesterday

Hidden talent

I can lick my own elbow


orange light bulbs

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photographer : Laura Allard-Fleischl
instagram @lauraallardfleischl

mannequin : Millie
instagram @milliegracehorton