nefarious crew

skater girl ı londres


Nefarious Skate Crew is a squad of skater girls based in London. Six girls, full of energy and with powerful personalities are opening the door of the skate world to a new generation of skater girls. Here, there are wearing our new summer collection while playing in their favorite playground : London’s streets. Rachael, Aimee, Celine, Dei, Esther et Kerstin show us their passion with style !


“Do what you want and don’t let gender stereotypes stop you on the way”


“Being a woman today open so many opportunities”


“Strong women who inspire me give me the motivation to go beyond my limits”


“I would never imagine that I could wear a dress… and then one day it happened !”


“Be the change you want to see in the world”


“Be yourself, don’t follow the others and don’t forget to listen a good song”

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