mélanie bordas aubies

photographer ı biarritz


Describe yourself in a few words

Non professional photographer, thirtyish, dreamer and traveller

Your inspiration for the shooting?

Campus girls’ looks from american colleges in the 90s

A trend you will never fall for?

Never say never

3 tips for the start of the year

. Make sure you had your share of sun, sea and parties (thus positive energy)

. Get a playlist ready for it (like your own soundtrack)

. Drink fresh juice every morning to get ready for winter

Essentials for this start of school year?

Good denims, a mid-season jacket, a floppy sweatshirt

Best summer memory?

An unforgettable karaoke

What’s the song that gets you ready?

« Tomorrow we get healthy » by Spike fuck !!!!

The wardrobe item you wish to keep forever?

I’m not a big keeper but I’d say this acid washed
denim skirt that I’ve had for 10 years and is falling into shreds!

The favorite piece of your collection?

A sheepskin varsity jacket: a must!

Dress or jeans?

Dress in summer, jeans in winter

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photographer : Melanie Bordas Aubies
instagram @laviesauvage

models : Audrey et Mélanie Jouglen
makeup + hair : Garbi Garai

photo assistant : Juan Lagarrigue

vidéo : Seb Abès - SMOG films