claudia revidat

photographe ı film director ı paris ı 24 years


Could you introduce yourself ?

I'm a photographer and artisitic director for Soldats Films. I began to work as in advertising and gradually I headed towards photo and video.

Could you explain your artistic process ?

My creative process is centered on inspiration. I find inspiration everywhere other than fashion... Actually my work consists in transposing the emotions I find in real life, books, travels, city or nature into an emotion I will express through fashion.

Which city do you like the most and why

Tokyo ! Two years ago, after my studies I went there for a few month to live. It was like an epiphany: the culture, the food, people, the gardens and the nature : every thing there is made for inspiration and relaxation.

What are your 3 favorites places to go out there ?

The Senso-Ji temple, one of the oldier buddhist temple in town where we can read your fortune, they call it "Omikuji". Roppongi is also a great place, so is Shibuya - the fashion center.

When was the last time you did something for the first time ?

My trip to Mongolia. It was the first time I travelled alone in the middle of nowhere. I was just me and my camera.

Something you say you would never wear but finally bought ?

A turtleneck sweater.


" Live as if you were to die tomorrow;
Learn as if you were to live forever "

Any advice for a girl younger than you

Every minute is an opportunity to change your life.

Could you mention a girl who inspires you, and why

Mona Lisa for her duality. She's both serene and mischievous. Her smile fascinates me for it mystery, it is subtle and ambiguous in the same time, it makes her an unusual personality.

The song you secretly love and don't own up to

None. I own up to everything.

Your spirit animal

The praying mantis (by the way I've got one as a pet)

Your obsession

My VHS camera

Guilty pleasure

Lemon pie

The hashtag you use the most


Digital or film


Filter or no filter

No filter

An hidden talent


Your celebrity crush

Gaspard Ulliel

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photographe : Claudia Revidat
instagram @claudiarevidat