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mannequin ı paris ı 26 ans


Mannequin et photographe dilletante, Camille Desbos se sent résolument française, mais c'est au Brésil qu'elle a trouvé l'inspiration pour le shooting de cette carte blanche (et aussi de délicieux mets sucrés dont elle raffole). Obsédée par les singes et les couchers de soleil, elle aime se plonger dans l'urgence des situations pour en tirer la substantielle moelle.

Could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Camille Desbos, I’ve been modeling since I was 18, and I’m studying photography and art history in my spare time. I’m French but most of all from Lyon, and I care a lot about all the things that make our country shine bright all over the world: its gastronomy, its values, and its artistic background. Whenever I can, I take dance and theatre classes, it’s a way to free my mind and my soul.

Which city do you like the most and why

I’m very chauvinistic, my favorite town is the one I live in: Paris. My roots and all the people that I’ve loved since my childhood are here, in France : “Home is where your heart is!”.

What are your 3 favorites places to go out there ?

I love going for a drink at Café des Anges, a block away from home. Besides, when I want to go dancing or having a drink, I meet my friends at Montana or at La Mano.

Any advice for a girl younger than you

My advice would be not be afraid of dreaming: “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. No need to build up barriers and limits in your mind. You have to believe in yourself and give yourself the means to succeed. Nothing is impossible.

why it's cool to be a woman in our days

To be a girl nowadays is cool because we have rights. We have gained them thanks to our mothers, our grandmothers and our great grandmothers… But the job is not done yet, we have to hold still. In some places on earth, girls have not had the same chances. We have to enjoy our rights and seize them while keeping on fighting to keep them, it’s our duty. A girl today can ambition freedom and power.

Something you say you would never wear but finally bought

Boyfriend jeans. Way not classy but so comfy! I love them.

The hashtag you use the most

#ontheroadagain, adventure and travelling, always!

your best fashion faux pas

Wearing Havainas to go out. It’s not in at all but wearing slippers when dancing it’s somewhat confortable. And it goes well with summer.


Sénèque once said: “Chance is what happens when readying matches the opportunity.”

La dernière chanson que tu as écoutée :

Jimmy by Moriarty is my obsession at the moment, it echoes in my head all the time. At the moment, I like to sway my hips to Offenbach with my nefews.

Your celebrity crush

My friends and I were always fantasizing about Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing… More recently, it’s Ryan Gosling who made my heart melt in “Lalaland”, like every gilr on this planet I guess.

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